November 2013. Ukrainian President Yanukovych rejects to sign the Association agreement. Start of the people protests.

December 2013. The start of the big protest against Yanukovych, caused with the beating of the students and popular dissatisfaction with the government.

January 2014. The passing of the “dictatorship laws”, which proclaimed protesters as extremists. The new start of the violence escalation.

22. January 2014. Sergei Nigoyan is the first killed protesters during the Protests in Kyiv.

18-20 February 2014. New escalation of the conflict. President Victor Yanukovych applies massive violence against the protesters. About a hundred people killed in the clashes.

21.-22. February 2014. President Viktor Yanukovych flees from Kyiv and stops. The Ukrainian parliament initiates the President’s resignation. The temporal government is established.

27. February 2014.  The group of military people without signs occupies the Parliament of Crimea. The Crimean parliament votes for the referendum about the Status of Crimea.

1. March 2014. Federation council allows Putin to make a military intervention in Ukraine.

March 2014. Start of the protests in the central and eastern Ukraine against the Ukrainian authorities.

5. March 2014. The big demonstration for united Ukraine in Donetsk.

13. March 2014. The first killed person in the pro-Ukrainian demonstration in Donetsk.

16. March 2014. The unrecognized “Referendum” about the status of Crimea approved that Crimea should be the part of Russia.

Beginning April 2014. Separatist forces occupied the official buildings in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, including Donetsk city administration and Luhansk Ukrainian security service Building, with the weapon in it.

7. April 2014. The self-proclamation of Donetsk people republic (“DNR”).

12. April 2014. The occupation of Slowjansk by the armed group of people, leading by Igor Girkin (Strelkov). The start of the armed clashes.

15. April 2014. The acting President of Ukraine Olexandr Turchynov sign the order about the start of Counter-terrorist operation against the separatists.

27. April 2014. Self-proclamation of Luhansk people republic (“LNR”).

28. April 2014. The last demonstration for the united Ukraine in Donetsk.

April-May 2014. series of clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian activist in different Ukrainian cities (Kherson, Saporizhia, Kharkiv).

May 2014. 48 people were killed as the result of protests in Odessa trade-union building.

11. May 2014. Unrecognized Referendum about independence of so called „DRN“ / „LNR“.

May 2014. President Election in Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko became the President of Ukraine.

May 2014. Start of the fight for Donetsk airport.

June 2014. First meeting of the Normandy format.

13. June 2014. The taking control over Mariupol by Ukrainian forces.

14. June 2014. Shooting down the IL-76 with Ukrainian Air Forces in Luhansk.

20. June 2014. Proclamation of the first ceasefire by Ukrainian forces.

23. June 2014. The first meeting of the Minsk contact group.

1. July 2014. End of ceasefire. Start of the Ukrainian offensive against pro-Russian separatists.

5. July 2014. The taking control over Slovyansk by Ukrainian forces.

16-17. July 2014. Shelling of Ukrainian army forces from the positions of the Russian artillery cross Ukrainian-Russian border.

17, July 2014 The shooting down of Boeing MH-17 on the controlled by separatist territory.

August 2014. The arrival of the first humanitarian convoy in Donetsk. Later more than 15 humanitarian convoys are delivered.

August-September 2014. The thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were entrapped by pro-Russian and Russian forces near Illowaisk. About 400 people were killed during the evacuation from the entrapment.

End of August-Beginning of September 2014. Start of the pro-Russian separatists’ offensive in the direction of Novoasovsk. The separatists’ offensive against Mariupol was stopped.

5. September 2014. I Minsk Agreement was signed. The contact line was stabilized and more or less fixed. Although the regular shellings continue.

16-17. September 2014. Meetings in Milan of Normandy format.

26. October 2014. Parliament election in Ukraine.


15. January 2015. Shelling of the passenger bus on contact line near Volnovakha.

January – February 2015. Fights for Debaltsevo.

24. January 2015. Mariupol rocket shelling.

February 2015 – February 2016. Positional fights in Shyrokino in the Mariupol direction.

10. February 2015. Rocket shelling of Kramatorsk.

12. February 2015. The Minsk II Agreement was signed.

18. February 2015. Seizure of Debaltsevo by pro-Russian forces.

February 2015. Fights for the Donetsk Airport ended after 242 days.

June 2015. Disbanment of the “Tornado” special battle group.

June – August 2015. The unsuccessful attempt of the pro-Russian separatists’ forces to start an offensive against Ukrainian forces in Maryinka.

2. October 2015. Meeting of Normandy format in Paris.

1. September 2015. trilateral Contact group reached agreement about ceasefire.

October 2015. Local election in Ukraine.


February 2016 – present time. Escalation of the conflict in Avdiivka, which was regularly previously shelled by the pro-Russian forces. Fights for local industrial estate.

August 2016 – present time. The trial of former „Tornado” fighters in Kyiv.

September – October 2016. Negotiation about retraction of the forces in the pilot regions.

19. October 2016. Berlin Meeting. Negotiation about start of the road map preparation.

The regular shelling occur every night regardless the ceasefire and hamper the reconciliation process.