The Report analyses the challenges faced by the civilian population living in the direct proximity to the contact line. Besides describing current humanitarian situation, the report gives the overview of the current condition of the infrastructure and analyses the impact of the conflict on the civil rights of the population, such as a right to vote. The report flags the issues related to the ecology of the region, in particular the challenges with the forestry management and poor maintenance of the coal mines and the widespread of illegal mining. Particular attention in the report is given to the peculiarities of the military civilian administrations (MCAs) which replace self-governance bodies in the localities close to the contact line. Conducted analyses highlights the corruption risks and lack of accountability inherent to the MCAs.

The report is conducted in the framework of the project Human Rights Monitoring in Eastern Ukraine implemented by DRA in cooperation with VOSTOK SOS Charitable Foundation and is based on the findings of international human rights mission to eastern Ukraine (government controlled territiries) on December 16-22, 2018

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